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A Gold Coast Comeback Story

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A wine bar is born. It grows. It stays up late. It parties. Then... it transforms into a restaurant. After a few years... it wants to party again.

Hakuna matata and so forth.

With that, we reintroduce Cru Café & Wine Bar, making a triumphant return in the Gold Coast, now open.

To review: Cru became Feast in winter ’09. It was a nice place, but not exactly a late-night hang. Then, recently, owner Debbie Sharpe, who’s cooked for everyone from the Rolling Stones to Nickelback, remembered something. She’s a night owl. (Hanging out with Jagger has that effect.)

So she turned back the clock. Which means if you come in here now, you’ll instantly recognize the Cru from the glory days. Those dark moody colors. Those brass-and-crystal chandeliers. The time you spent holed up in a leather booth discussing the Sopranos finale.

In other words: this is your re-go-to for an impromptu bottle of pinot with a date. Swing in, encamp at a rough-hewn table and share chicken pâté or tear into a juicy rib eye until the wee hours.

Of course, if you just want a nice patio where you can sip a Pimm’s Cup or a strawberry balsamic shrub on a sunny afternoon, the patio is where you left it.

It wasn’t broke, so they didn’t fix it.

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