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A Winery with Tropical Beer

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You love Miami.

But, well, how can we put this delicately...

You love beer more.

So today, when we ask you to leave Miami, you can probably guess as to why...

Behold Schnebly Redland’s Brewery, a beer-crafting oasis that’s infusing exotic fruits right into their suds, now open to the public in Homestead.

So yes, the folks behind Schnebly winery have built a fruit-infused brewery. And this is important because, hey, it’s summer. If there was ever a time to drink guava-steeped lager, it’s now.

What you’re going to want to do is grab a date, pack a picnic and come here for a tour of their shiny new digs. You’ll explore the brewery. You’ll learn how mangoes become beer. You’ll... yes, yes, there’ll be a lot of samples, don’t worry.

Once you’ve had your fill of four-ounce tastes, opt for a few full-size pints to pair with your lunch (we suggest the pale, passion fruit Redland IPA). Then, roll out a checkered blanket by the coral rock waterfall. Then, toast your newly acquired beer. Then, eat the potato salad you packed.

And when Father’s Day rolls around, make sure you come back here. That’s when they’ll be launching their 32-ounce-growlers-to-go service. Seems like something that could make a great gift.

Trust us: the old man has enough ties.


Schnebly Redland’s Brewery
30205 SW 217th Ave
Homestead, FL, 33030


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