New York Avenue Beach Bar

Enter Sandman

A Bar Built on 70 Tons of Sand

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Two things you know about beaches: they’re fun to lie on. They inspired a touching film starring Bette Midler.

Here’s a third: there’s one on New York Avenue.

So say hello to the aptly named New York Avenue Beach Bar, a new place to drink rum and get sand in sensitive places, expected to open tomorrow night pending final permit approval.

First thing you should know: this is happening out in an empty lot behind the Passenger. Second thing you should know: they’ve filled it with four to six inches of sand—not deep enough for beach volleyball, but plenty deep for tossing a frisbee while you run around in flip-flops.

Speaking of flip-flops, you’ll enter, trade your shoes for a $5 pair of sandals if you like, then commandeer a picnic table, a couple Adirondack chairs or (if you’re feeling bold) the lifeguard chair. Then head over to the makeshift boardwalk, where you’ll find cornhole games, a photo booth with a jet ski for a prop...

... Oh, and bars. Yes, there are two grass-skirted bars dispensing tap beers, frozen drinks and a rotating slate of beach-friendly punches for you to sip as you listen to the waves roll past.

Okay, it’s actually traffic.


New York Avenue Beach Bar
645 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20001


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