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Wallets Made from Old Baseball Gloves

None We don’t want to alarm you, but there are only 26 days left until Father’s Day.

Which means if you’re going to avoid the old tie–and–Aqua Velva gift pack for Pop, you better start looking for something a little more interesting.

Or just read the rest of this email.

Presenting Fielder’s Choice Goods Wallets, money-holding handsomeness made from old leather baseball gloves, on back order now.

These are what you think they are: wallets repurposed from baseball mitts. In this case, the mitts come from estate sales, vintage stores, swap meets and even eBay (from brands like Wilson, Rawlings and Nokona), and then they’re deconstructed, conditioned and sewn into money satchels by a guy in California (his name is Jon, by the way).

Two more important points here: all the gloves/wallets are made in America (“Nokona” only sounds Japanese). And in the event you and/or your father decide you’d like to have something else fashioned from the same material, Jon can help you out with that, too.

The time for baseball-glove leather pants is now.


Fielder’s Choice Goods Wallets

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