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The City’s Two New Donut Shops

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They can be really tough.

So today, we thought we’d give you a donut.

Actually, scratch that. Let’s give you two fantastic new donut places.

Presenting Glazed and Infused, the long-awaited pair of donut shops from Scott Harris, open as of today in Wicker Park and the West Loop.

You know Scott Harris. He’s a founder of the Mia Francesca empire. Well, now he’s teamed up with a couple of donut ringers: a chef who worked on new product development at Krispy Kreme and a pastry chef from Charlie Trotter’s who won 2005 Pastry Chef of the Year from Bon Appétit. Translation: your raspberry glazed has never been in better hands.

The Fulton Market location will be your go-to for breakfast strategy meetings: there’s a big farm table to rally your troops around maple-bacon long johns and apple fritters while gallons of hot coffee stand at the ready.

Meanwhile, the Damen location—a pickup window across from the Damen ‘L’ stop—will prove handy when you need a box of old fashioned, red velvet and crème brûlée donuts to bribe your way to a seat on the Blue Line.

But it’ll also be open until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights, when you’re craving a PB&J donut after a hard night at Big Star.

Some things can’t wait until morning.

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