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A Catamaran to the Bahamas

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It’s almost Memorial Day. And like clockwork, you feel it.

The itch.

No, not mosquito bites. That other itch.

The one where you’re supernaturally compelled to grab your passport, throw on some cruise wear and board a boat bound for somewhere with piña coladas.

Well, allow us to scratch...

Presenting Baleària Bahamas Express, a stately catamaran capable of sailing you from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama in just two and a half hours, available now and departing daily.

You: have a three-day weekend coming up. This: a Spanish shipping outfit that’s taken the idea of a taxi and turned it into a 463-passenger catamaran. With duty-free rum.

So yes, here’s your holiday plan. All you need to do now: book a seat (correction, a supple leather recliner) on the Pinar del Río and head into Port Everglades. Your ride is going to be the one that’s painted like a Picasso. Abstract fish. Abstract waves. Abstract abstract.

At this point, you’ll board the vessel, hit the bar and watch whatever in-sail movie is being shown. By the time the credits roll, you’ll be ready to disembark and begin days-on-end of grueling daiquiri taste-testing.

Okay, so it’s a working vacation.


Baleària Bahamas Express
Port Everglades, Terminal 1
1850 Eller Dr
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316


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