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There is a place.

A place to go next time you have a song totally stuck in your head.

By the time you leave, it can be... a song. Like an actual recorded song.

And the chorus just so happens to be about pinball...

Welcome to Bedrock, a massive music-lover’s funhouse where you can buy a guitar, rehearse, record and—most importantly—play some pinball, now open.

Basically, if you like music—making it, watching it, talking about it—there’s something for you here. With its endless series of loud, interconnected rooms, this place is sort of like Fred Segal—but with way more bed head and palpable angst. (Well, maybe not that much more.)

Sure, you can rent a rehearsal space and get to work. Or just swing by to buy some drumsticks. While you’re there, get your guitar repaired. Say hi to Beck, who’s been seen wandering around. And hang with your fellow artistes—join a bunch of guys hanging out on a couch with guitars and notepads, trying to find a rhyme for “ventricle.”

Aside from all that, you’ll want to closely monitor your inbox for invites to live shows, swap meets (where you could trade your guitar picks for some new strings) and no-holds-barred pinball tournaments in the all-are-welcome arcade.

You’re kind of tired of velvet-rope pinball arcades.


1623 Allesandro St
Los Angeles, CA, 90026


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