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How to Turn the Boardroom into a Game

None So there you are.

Sitting at the head of a comically gigantic boardroom table.

Afternoon meeting time.

Everyone’s talking about blue-sky thinking. And circling the wagons.

And then, from across the room... you hear it: “We can comb this pony’s mane until our fingers go numb; it’s not going to let us tie little ribbons in it until we give it some sugar.”

Somebody give that guy 30 points.

Welcome to Today’s Corporate Meeting Challenge, a new Tumblr/secret game/best secret Tumblr game ever that involves you, a few accomplices and gently making fun of corporate buzzwords, online now.

The real beauty here is in the simplicity: office words can be ridiculous. And you’re about to intentionally say ridiculous office words in your next meeting. Without anyone knowing you’re secretly mocking them. For points.

You’ll start by assembling a group of about two or three silver-tongued coworkers to go in on it with you. Then you’ll all hit the site and commit a few quotes (beginner, advanced or bonus) to memory.

Fast-forward to that meeting.

Right around the time when someone from accounting drops a synergy bomb, you’ll chime in with a straight face and a 20-pointer like: “We really need to whip our brooms back and forth here, people.”

Heads will nod in agreement. Interns will take notes... and you will be on the board.

It’s this or finger football.


Today’s Corporate Meeting Challenge

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