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A Stylish Italian Gem in Buena Park

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Hey, kid, buck up.

Yes, it’s been kind of dreary lately. The rain. The clouds. Derek Rose’s ACL.

But things will get better. Why, we bet someone’s just itching to put a smile on your face with a big double-scoop of fudge gelato right now...

And just look: Razón, a happy little Italian café, has opened its doors on the pleasant shores of Buena Park.

It’s located inside the Imperial Towers condo complex, so you’ll feel like you’re visiting an old friend as you head up the curved drive to this place. But turn right, and you’ll find a bright corner café pouring steaming cups of Italian-roasted espresso and scooping out pistachio gelato.

Right now, just keep this place in mind when you simply need a bacon, egg and cheddar sandwich on your way to work. But if you find yourself lagging for energy during your next Chicago triathlon, make a pit stop here to fill up on a blueberry protein smoothie. (Though, frankly, an espresso wouldn’t hurt, either.)

By mid-May, however, the dining room—filled with Italian marble and Ferrari-red finishes—will make a play for your evening attentions. Picture it: just you, a date, a bottle of wine and a pizzaiolo cooking your wild-mushroom pizza.

The ultimate foursome.


in Imperial Towers
4250 N Marine Dr
Chicago, IL, 60613


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