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Red Dawn

A New Neighborhood Spot in Bucktown

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May 1: May Day.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo.

May 3: Just sitting in the middle of the week doing nada. So we decree it will henceforth be known as Duck Confit French Toast Day.

Coincidently, Red Door, a little corner bistro in Bucktown, will open that very day in the former Duchamp space to help you celebrate that solemn occasion.

And then... for the other 364 days of the year, they’ll be catering to all your romantic notions of Chicago neighborhood taverns: the bottles of exotic Belgian pale ales, the curry gravy poutine, the bulgogi spare ribs. (Okay, so less of your romantic notions and more your international gastronomic notions.)

Basically, this is a rollicking neighborhood joint where you’ll plop down at a bar, which looks like it was once an old farmhouse, and down a nice cold beer. But since you have access to a Yuzu Julep made with 12-year-old Japanese whiskey, yuzu juice and muddled shiso... well, you might as well have that instead.

And as for that soon-to-be-legendary Seis de Mayo garden party you’re planning, you might want to hold it here. The place’s key attributes: big lush patio, high boisterous-atmosphere potential... and lamb-neck sloppy joes.

It’s not a party without someone getting sloppy.

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