Rockstar Spa Services

Star Time

Rock Star Massages on the Sunset Strip

In terms of rock history, there’s something magical about the Sunset Strip.

The Roxy. The Whisky. That place all the keyboard players go for a covert manicure...

Introducing Rockstar Spa Services, a new set of rubdowns, facials and tune-up treatments to get rock stars ready for the stage, available now at the Sunset Marquis.

First, the hotel itself: it’s the kind of place with a full-on recording studio in the basement. A place where that hurricane of a blonde woman who kind of looks like Courtney Love... is probably Courtney Love. So yeah, they know all about bassists’ cuticles here.

If you’re singing some new material at the Viper Room (or the karaoke bar) tomorrow, you’ll want the Pipe Cleaner, a mix of acupuncture and head massage meant to open up your vocal cords. If your drum solo’s feeling a little off and the video shoot is tomorrow, maybe the Pick Up, which focuses on arms, shoulders and hands. And throw in the Strum—a manicure to get those chipped nails camera-ready. (These days, rock star concerns have... evolved.)

But if you’re just feeling a general lack of inspiration, go for the head-to-toe Body Tune, wherein you’ll get rubbed down with a bunch of hot rocks—then they’ll pour you a shot of scotch.

This should really amp you up for a meeting with accounting.

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