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Video Chatting with Titans of Industry

None Leveraging your strengths.

It’s important stuff.

So much so, in fact, that you may want to consider setting up a private video chat with a professional chess player to help you do just that.

We meant a Nobel Prize winner.

Or both. We don’t know what you’re into.

Either way, we figured you might like to know about Expert Insight, a new website that sets up one-on-one chats between you and a small army of experts in... everything (yes, even damn chess), available online now.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying something like “Somebody find my economist. If I don’t talk to someone about insufficient aggregate demand in the next five minutes, I’m going to slap a face”—and who hasn’t—consider this your new go-to.

But more likely, you’ll just need some friendly face-to-virtual-face advice on how to market your business more effectively (Daymond John from Shark Tank can help you there) or some tips on how to get started on your autobiography (20 published authors should do). There’s even a bunch of professional poker players on there.

Hop online, find a titan of industry to chat up (including a Nobel Prize–winning economist) and sign up for one of their available time slots. Come game time, the site will automatically connect the two of you for a private video chat.

Or a really expensive game of charades.

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