Fair Territory

Fairgrounds, by the Numbers

After lots of hype (and lots of forklift-related overtime), Fairgrounds, the new stadium-side beer garden, is set to make its debut before the first pitch tomorrow. Here’s a data-rich look at what you can expect:

90: Approximate feet from the Metro turnstiles to the entrance.

2: Parking lots turned beer gardens (the Bullpen and Das Bullpen) that combined to form this single outdoor monstrosity.

94: Number of shipping containers encircling it.

0: Customs officers inspecting the shipping containers.

5: Sides to the massive main bar, which pours frozen margaritas, vodka Red Bulls and nine beers.

90: Average speed of your fastball, as measured on the Fast Pitch game.

12: Food trucks expected there tomorrow, including TaKorean and BBQ Bus.

5: Truckeroo events planned for the summer, on non-game days.

30: Food trucks planned for each of those days.

10: Feet off the ground of the roof deck, from which you can survey your kingdom while eating a Korean taco.

12: Vendors operating out of the shipping containers every day, including a Saturday farmers’ market.

Thousands: Jangly G-chords you can expect to hear when they kick off a country-rock music series next month.

8,000: Approximate number of people the space can hold.

8,000: Approximate number of pitchers the Nats used last season.


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Washington, DC, 20003

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