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Ahoy, Mate

Pirate Curses and Veal Cheeks Downtown

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The hotel lounge.

A necessary tool in your “pushing the office fling forward” arsenal.

And if we know you, you’re looking for a new option in your weapons cache.

We just found it.

Take your first look at Nix’s Mate, a sexy new lounge at the downtown Hilton for plush after-work rendezvous-ing, opening Friday in the Financial District.

Named after a harbor island (which was named for a pirate who was hung there and rumored to have put a curse on the island), this is essentially your new spot to get from Point A (the office) to Point B (Bad Decisions Land). But good news: it’s rustic. Think reclaimed wood from the harbor and old barns in Western Massachusetts.

So once you’ve passed the point of just exchanging coy glances over morning bagels in the break room, you and your potential summer romance will gather here at the stacked quartz bar to sip on Roots Rock Reggaes (vanilla vodka, tequila, caramel, Coke). If things are progressing nicely, you’ll proceed to the oversized sofa area for bites like braised veal cheeks or white clam flatbreads (flatbreads = “I’m into you”).

And should you need a room (always a 50/50 bet), they have plenty upstairs to retire to.

You know, to talk about work. And stuff.

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