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Three Rules for Running Your Private Island

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Contrary to popular belief, renting out an entire island in the Bahamas isn’t all fun and games. Okay, it’s mostly fun and games, but there’s a modicum of work involved, too. Namely, laws. You’re going to need them. Your monkey butler is going to need them.

So allow us to introduce Royal Island, a newly rentable, 430-acre, palm-tree-shrouded paradise... along with some basic guidelines for a blissful stay/successful reign.

Cool it with the pirate act...
One of the perks of temporary private island stewardship: your own catamaran and personal fleet of jet skis. Yes, the sea vessels come complimentary with your stay, but you’re still bound by local maritime laws. So swashbuckling is a no, but jet-ski jousting is a definite maybe.

Remember, sharing is caring...
You’re going to want to bring along some company. For one, there’s no way to use five beachfront villas, a full-service spa and a team of on-call chefs all at the same time. For another, suntan-lotion application.

Treat it like a party...
Or whatever kind of fete you’d throw together when you have a fire pit, steel-drum band and outdoor movie theater at your disposal (clearly, a calypso pig roast independent film festival).

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