Running Man

The Tao of the Drunk Diet

None Lüc Carl.

Nightlife impresario. Heavy metal DJ. Former Lady Gaga muse. Umlaut enthusiast.

And now: motivational fitness author.

Sort of...

Curl up and crack the spine of The Drunk Diet, a book that claims it’s possible to drop a few pounds without compromising your libertine ways, available now.

Okay, so this is more autobiography than strict diet code. Prepare for harrowing tales of trying to make it in the big city and bespoke spandex pants (you know, the classics). Oh yeah, and ungodly amounts of running immediately following ungodly amounts of hard liquor consumption.

Let’s be clear: we can’t say we’ve ever attempted such a life (you know, the running part). But we can say this: this guy lost 40 pounds over the course of the year the book takes place. And he did it all while living the kind of rock-and-roll lifestyle that VH1’s Behind the Music is made of. The secret: well, marathons. He ran four of the things that year, in addition to grueling distance runs several times a week—rain or shine, hangover or no.

So maybe you’ll prop this thing open on a treadmill with a bourbon in the cup holder. Maybe you’ll just read it for a good laugh. Either way, one thing’s for sure...

Your spandex guy needs to take it up a notch.

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