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We know: you have standing orders not to be disturbed during your Tuesday afternoon scalp massage. But this involves critical information about duck confit and champagne. Brasserie by LM opens tomorrow. There are four things you must know.

There’s something familiar about this place...
The duo behind LM (and newish spot Troquet) in Lincoln Square has taken over the short-lived Tribute. What stayed: Brady Bunch colors and chandeliers that look like alien hovercraft. What’s gone: low-slung couches with high tables—but you have visitation rights to the couches in Lincoln Square.

... and also the chef.
Brad Phillips, recently of a little place called the Pump Room, is overseeing. Rest assured that your croque monsieur and steak frites will be in capable hands. Your aged-cheddar burger is doing okay, too.

Your breakfast meetings: now Frenchier.
Espresso, crepes and pain au chocolat in a private conference room: perfect for discussing financial projections for next quarter. Better yet: room service at the Essex if things turn drowsy.

It’s your new post–Grant Park drinking destination.
They’re planning to open a 70-seat patio by this summer. Which means that after a long day hoofing it at Blues Fest, you and Mavis Staples will have a comfortable spot for a bubbly afterward.

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