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Playing Golf with a Robot

None Today: overcast, rainy. This weekend: anything but. In fact, it’s the kind of weather that practically begs you to play a round of golf.

So let’s review—the essentials for a great round of 18:

1. Keep your head down.
2. Be the ball.
3. Bring a robot.

Behold Caddytrek Golf Cart, the world’s first robotic caddy, available now.

This thing is like R2-D2 meets Carl Spackler—a 45-pound battery-powered cart with two all-terrain tires and a golf-bag holder attached. On the inside: detectors that help it follow your every move at your exact pace. (If only it could tell you which wedge will help you best land a chip shot outta the weeds at Augusta.)

Here’s how we see this working. You and the two Phils (the one from accounting, plus Mickelson) are playing your annual pre-Masters warm-up round. You’ll tee off, walk to your ball, and this guy will follow along, Johnny 5–style. Now, if Accounting Phil wants to borrow your sand wedge—he’s on the beach, again—use the remote control and send it to him.

Just a bit of warning: this guy costs about $1,600.

But at least you don’t have to pay it a percentage of your winnings.

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