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Tramming It Through the Jungles of Ecuador

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Today, some fresh perspective.

The kind that only comes from a long vacation into the remote jungle of a far, far away land.

And then majestically soaring over that jungle in an Epcot-style, open-air sky tram.

Presenting Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve, a shiny new eco-hotel in the Andes that’s home to the rain forest’s first elevated cable car system, opening April 15.

Imagine a canopy-hovering, six-person tram (yes, it still has the new-gondola smell) that extends straight from the door of your translucent glass lodge into a mile of coastal rain forest. Sort of like a subway. But along the equator. And, you know, in the clouds.

So instead of exploring the reserve’s 2,600 acres of protected jungle on foot (just you, a machete and a canteen full of whiskey), you’ll take in nature from the comforts of a cable-connected lift (complete with swivel chairs and onboard Ecuadorian biologist). Wind in your hair. Rare species of bird at your feet.

And when you’re ready to hop out—say, for brunch on the rim of the Pululahua Volcano, followed by an afternoon waterfall dip—simply get off at one of the designated ladder platforms that are littered throughout the treetops.

Unfortunately, that will require some walking.

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