Online Foam Party

Like Facebook, but for Beer-Lovers

Approving friends. Updating your status. Writing on virtual walls. The whole thing seems so trivial.

Unless, of course, it's all about beer. Welcome to the new social-networking site devoted exclusively to the good stuff: BrewSocial.

Sure, you could talk shop at real-world places where beer connoisseurs are known to congregate—you know, "bars"—but that just seems too...20th-century. Once you create your beer-lover profile at BrewSocial, you can collect virtual beers on your virtual shelf, write beer reviews, rate beers against each other, update your beer status, stalk your friends' beers...basically, anything you could do on Facebook, only substituting the word "beer" for "friend." (Sometimes it's the smallest adjustments that produce brilliance.)

Of course, if beer isn't the only topic you've got on your mind (hard to believe, but okay) and you want to keep things simple, you can also import BrewSocial into Facebook proper as an application—thus keeping it in the same arena as your most pressing vodka- and gin-based conversations. And an iPhone application is just days away.

Which should bring new meaning to the term "drunk-dialing."

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