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So there’s this hedonistic little off-Strip hotel—a desert Xanadu, if you will—called Artisan Hotel Boutique. A place where pretty much anything goes. Anything but gambling. But that’s okay. See, as of now, you can rent out the whole shebang and do with the 64 rooms as you please. Here, then, a few ideas to get you started...

Meet at the swimming pool...
You’ll break the ice with your group inside a wading pool surrounded by high stone walls, leafy palm trees and curtain-shrouded cabanas with private daybeds. Today’s only rule: check your inhibitions/swimwear at the door. Also: no using the cabanas for Marco Polo; that would be cheating.

As for the Eyes Wide Shut portion of the evening...
Picture an after-hours lounge set against a backdrop of bronzed busts and mirrors pointing down from the ceiling. Now picture it filled with your party guests: sinewy, masked practitioners of the sensual arts. And you: lost in a mysterious dance called seduction. Feel free to throw the macarena in there as well.

Pair off in the artist’s quarters...
To reiterate, you have all 64 rooms at your disposal. Each suite contains reproductions of paintings by a different artist—Monet, Warhol, Edvard Munch. What you do choose to do with that information is up to you.

Wrap it up with wedding bells...
Some good news: there’s a wedding chapel here. Better news: an entire weekend together is like a three-year engagement in Vegas time. Your parents will understand.


Artisan Hotel Boutique
1501 W Sahara Ave
(at Westwood Dr)
Las Vegas, NV, 89102


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