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Cocktailing Behind Closed Curtains at Bellagio

Hell of a game.

Cashing in on 2,000,000:1 odds that its first scoring play would come on intentional grounding actually turned a nice chunk of change.

So for the next few foreseeable nights, we see you keeping a low profile—you know, holing up in a casino wearing a fur tuxedo, feeding on lobster tacos...

Introducing Lily Bar & Lounge, a new, 4,000-square-foot cocktail lounge hidden plainly at the center of Bellagio’s main casino floor, now soft-open and grand opening February 18 for pre- or postgame cocktailing pursuits through 4am.

Truth is, we can’t stop you from veering recklessly into your evening. But we can help you start with some upscale finger foods and a few gelato-based cocktails from the people who did 1 OAK.

Imagine—it’s either dusk or 3:15am (hard to say which without clocks). You’re sitting on a velvet love seat, eating Kobe chili fries, and you’ve got a pair of Siamese contortionist twins on either side of your Spanish-imported stone tabletop (for protection).

After 10pm, things get blue: the plasma TVs recede up into the ceiling. The curtains drop over the open enclosure, casting a rich mahogany room in shadows; high-heeled revelers shuffle in as the DJ plays ambient music...

Imagine The Best of Kenny G. But sexier.

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