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Over 40 Tequilas and Chorizo Tacos in Allston

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The Super Bowl.

It’s all you can think about. So you need something to divert your attention. And it has to be big.

Like a rustic taco and tequila bar from the Deep Ellum guys big. And yeah, it’s open right now.

Take a gander at Lone Star Taco Bar, your new Allston home for housemade chorizo tacos, housemade tortillas and not-so-housemade tequila, now open as of today.

This is a little bit like that bar in Desperado that Cheech Marin tended... if the lowlifes were replaced by tequila aficionados... who served up some smoked-brisket beef barbacoa tacos (in other words, leave your guitar case full of guns at home).

Obviously, you’ll want to enter with a ferocious appetite. Grab a vintage wood booth under the giant bison head and begin your south-of-the-border noshing with chips, made-to-order guac and maybe some Mexican-style grilled street corn. Wash it all down with a michelada: a Mexican beer and spicy tomato-lime mix (perfect for fighting hangovers... or starting them).

And when it’s time to get serious, you’ll move to the bar and knock back a shot from their 40-plus-strong tequila list. Or their 15-strong mezcal list.

About that bar: it’s a custom, 100% zinc number imported from Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe. Taco-house supply heaven.

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