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The Women of Super Bowl XLVI

8 Photos WAGs of Super Bowl Sunday
None 8 Photos WAGs of Super Bowl Sunday
You are, in fact, ready for some football.

And you already know the story. Big rematch. One team overcomes a lackluster regular season and catches fire in the playoffs. The other overcomes Tim Tebow and, in the process, reminds us what a real quarterback is supposed to be: married to the most famous supermodel on earth.

And thanks to that performance, we joyfully present WAGs of Super Bowl Sunday, a loving photographic ode to the inspirational women behind the men competing for Super Bowl glory on Sunday.

The Patriots bring a solid lineup to the field. Wes Welker’s new fiancée was the 2005 Miss Hooters International. Spike-perfecting touchdown machine Rob Gronkowski: well, his current squeeze is... a prolific star of films that don’t typically run in a theater near you. And then Tom Brady—we can’t even say it.

On the Giants’ side of things, look for the occasional shot of Rooney Mara (the girl with the dragon tattoo, and granddaughter of the team’s former owner) lustily brooding in a luxury box with her actress sister Kate. And Eli Manning’s wife looks...just how you’d imagine the high school sweetheart of a Manning would.

So while only one of these teams will come away victorious on Sunday, the point here is there’s really no need to shed any tears for anyone out there.

Except Tebow. 

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