Minus 5 Ice Lounge and Lodge

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Kiwi Ice Bar and Lounge in the Desert

Vegas is many things to many people. But there is one thing that everyone can agree on: It's hot. Hades hot.

So let us suggest a new way for you to cool down that doesn't involve a bathing suit (or...a cold shower). Introducing the Minus 5 Ice Lounge, set to hit the desert in a short two weeks at the Mandalay Bay.

With two main chambers—one constructed entirely of pure Canadian ice blocks and one built to resemble a ski lodge—you'll feel like you're at the intersection of the Fortress of Solitude (without the solitude) and an Aspen après-ski den. Start in the ice chamber, where the lounge provides a parka, hat, gloves and non-slip booties—hygienically lined, of course—before you head to the briefing room for a short film on ice etiquette: no messing with the ice statuary, hold your glass (made of pure NZ water) with two hands, and never lick anything.

When your thirty-minute ice-capade is over, head next door and thaw out in the lodge (known as the "warm bar"). A hot toddy and the nearest snow bunny should be the perfect transition you need back to your Vegas life.

And if things get too hot, you know where to go.


Minus 5 Ice Lounge and Lodge
3950 Las Vegas Blvd South
South Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89119

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