Melrose Place

Palihotel, by the Numbers

None So there’s a new place on Melrose opening February 1 for whenever you need a hip, discreet little hideaway with a bed. And coffee. And sandwiches, Thai massages, free wi-fi... and a whole lot of horse-show ribbons. (We’ll get to those soon.) Presenting Palihotel, by the numbers:

Number of rooms at this place: 32
Total number of beds: 44
Rooms with balconies: 8
Odds your neighbor will be a stylist crashing after a photo shoot: 1 in 3
Size of wine bottles in your minibar: 375ml
Pairs of Thai fisherman’s pants on sale in that minibar: 1
Random horse-show ribbons proudly strung up in the lobby: 15
Mustaches on view in vintage art scattered behind check-in desk: 1, and it’s a beauty
Cafés selling coffee, pressed sandwiches, candles and blankets: 1
Waiters to summon at said café: 0
Dollars the wi-fi will cost you if you hang out in the courtyard with your sandwich: 0
Dollars for a 60-minute Thai massage upstairs: 50
Feet that will be on your back during massage: 2
Feet that will be on your back in your room: your call


7950 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90046

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