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Homing Devices for Your Stuff

None There’s a lot out there you can lose.

The football in your arms. The ability to kick a simple field goal.

An entire season’s worth of... sorry, sorry.

But by far the worst is your phone.

Which brings us to Bikn, an iPhone-based tracking system for your phone and all your other important stuff, available soon.

You’ve got three elements here: an app, an iPhone case with a mind of its own and a bunch of little tags to put on the other things in life you couldn’t stand losing. All these elements come together to make sure nothing is ever lost around the house (your rec room/personal tavern alone could take weeks to search).

Here’s what’s going to happen: you’ll download the app and slip your phone into the case. The case sends out a signal even if the phone is dead. Then you’ll attach the tags to other valuable stuff (keys, the dog, tiny family members, crown jewels you’ve been bequeathed).

If any of it goes missing, the app’ll tell you the direction and how many feet away it is on a sort of digital treasure map (maybe you can get the distance in paces). If the phone itself goes missing, the tags will send out a signal that makes it beep until you find it.

You missed paging.

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