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Storefront Company: A User’s Guide

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Storefront has pushed back its opening date to early March. Stay tuned for updates.

Tonight, you’re staying in. Tomorrow, you’re shoveling out. Next weekend: still up in the air. So we bring word of Storefront Company, a sexy, multifunctional boîte hoping to be ready for whatever you can throw at it by then. Just in case you’re looking for...

... a date spot with an escape route.
Shiny black subway tiles, pendulous lights, Apricot and Bourbon cocktails—a seat at the bar is perfectly fine. The front lounge, however, is reserved for dates where something seems a little... off. You get the same cocktails, better street views and more graceful exit opportunities...

... someplace to go with that gourmand.
The Kitchen Counter, tucked at the corner of the bar, offers a personalized four-course degustation when you’re out with someone who can appreciate foie gras bombes and cauliflower-stuffed agnolotti.

... a double-date with Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn.
If the large abstract mural behind the black banquettes rings a bell, it’s because you’ve seen this artist’s work in The Break-Up. Sit here when you’re power-coupling over albacore tartare, lamb meatballs and pork cheeks.

... a Super Bowl practice party.
There’s a semiprivate back alcove for big groups. We suggest The Whole Hog—a plate of ribs, loin, shank and pancetta. No offense to your seven-layer dip.

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