Candid Camera

An Italian Playboy’s Private Photo Stash

None You remember that show, Reading Rainbow.

It had that great intro song. And the guy from Roots.

Total classic.

And, well, everything you learned from it was leading up to this...

Take a peek at Carlo Mollino: Un Messaggio dalla Camera Oscura, a book of private photographs of under-clad Italian women taken by a true Renaissance man, available now for preorder.

First things first: this guy, Carlo Mollino—you may know him as a legendary Italian architect and furniture designer... who was also a hell of an alpine skier, flew stunt planes, drove race cars and published a novel. (Though we hear he was at best an average Scrabble player.) Also: he had a flair for, shall we say, artistic Polaroids. And, as is so often the case, all this talent came with certain... benefits.

Which leads us to the subjects of his photography: stunning women. Mostly Italian women who spent time at his various homes, chalets and villas (where, judging by their attire, it must have been very, very warm). And before you get the wrong idea, it’s all very artistic. All of the women are positioned to highlight the aesthetic beauty of his furniture.

So that’s probably the first thing you’ll notice.


<i>Carlo Mollino: Un Messaggio dalla Camera Oscura</i>

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