Crash Test

Vince Vaughn. Owen Wilson. You...

None Weddings.

Like dog parks, the produce section and spin class, they’re great places to... network.

... socially...

With that in mind, take a gander at Crash Corsage, an iPhone app with everything you need to become a wedding-crashing legend, dropping for wedding season in May.

Right about now, you’re picturing Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson parading through an endless sea of champagne, lively dances, gourmet catering and, shall we say, agreeable wedding guests.

Well, that could be you. The app’s basically a dossier on every wedding near you—dress codes, schedules, stuff about the bride, groom and wedding party. Just enough information for you to pass yourself off as a distant cousin in the name of cake.

Here’s what you’ll do: check out the app’s map for the nearest weddings. Then: study up (you’ll have all the information from the couple’s wedding website). When the big day comes, you’ll have a few choice lines for the Rachel McAdams type about the time you and the groom did such and such in the quad of that college you definitely both went to together. From there, you’re on your own.

And lest you get bored with merely sneaking into nuptials, there’s a way to win. You’ll get points for photos, conga lines started, centerpieces claimed and guests escorted.

If you somehow befriend Christopher Walken in the process, bonus.

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