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Belgian Drafts and Mussels in Cleveland Park

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Today, we begin with a little history; a little international relations; a little theology.

Okay, not really. We’re just going to tell you about a place named after the patron saint of Belgian brewing. With some rough-and-tumble Britishness thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to St. Arnold’s, opening tonight in Cleveland Park as a bright Belgian beer garden with a dark English secret lurking downstairs.

This is like the EU of pubs. And unlike the dark downtown outpost of the same name, this one is housed in a long glass atrium with retractable walls for warm weather (but don’t throw stones then, either).

Here, you’ll sit at long tables of pine and scan the chalkboard menus for 20 Belgian drafts (available in liter, half-liter and one-third-liter sizes) and 20 varieties of mussels, including some wild ones like Mexican mussels with onions, cilantro and jalapeños (the Salma Hayek of mussels).

But on another visit, head downstairs to the old Club Soda space, now known as St. Arnold’s Underground. There, you’ll encounter a low-lit English spot, where famous album covers and dartboards grace the walls and Premier League soccer graces the TVs. On your plate: deep-fried burgers and exotic dogs like the Hawaiian, with Spam, teriyaki, egg and wasabi.

We hear it’s Obama’s next gift to the queen.


St. Arnold’s
3433 Connecticut Ave NW
(at Ordway)
Washington, DC, 20008


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