Famous Writers Sending You Letters

None The last time you got a personal letter in the mail...

We’ll give you a moment to think about that one.

Minute’s up.

Yeah, it’s time to bring that back.

Introducing Letters in the Mail, a subscription service where you’ll receive heartfelt correspondence from people you’ve never met—people who’ve mastered the written word—taking new subscribers now.

You may have heard of Dave Eggers. He’s been a part of some pretty classic works of literature over the last decade. He’s also had a big hand in McSweeney’s, Lucky Peach (with David Chang from Momofuku) and Grantland. So yeah, you’re definitely familiar with the guy’s oeuvre. Well, the point here is that he’s got a lot to say, and he’d like to say it to you in letter form. That’s what this is all about. Getting letters from writers of note.

It’s not just Eggers either. Just about every week, you’re going to be privy to the scattered musings of the current kings and queens of letters. We’re talking about Jonathan Ames (who you might know as the creator of Bored to Death), Tao Lin (known for creating avant-garde literature out of shoplifting) and a slew of other scribes.

And yes, you can send letters back.

It’s not like they’re busy or anything.

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