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You swore you’d start working out hardcore on January 1.

And now, you swear: you’ll start today.

Your punishment for the late start: kickboxing in an Octagon.

Welcome to UFC Gym, the only spot around that’s legitimately qualified to train you for a cage match against Chuck Liddell (not that you would... but you could), now open 24/7.

So normally in a gym, people pick up some weights and put down some weights. And you could do that here, too. Go ahead, bench-press away. But it would be sort of like going to CUT and just ordering a salad.

First, you’ll have to get yourself to Torrance. (Nobody said this would be easy.) Then, you’ll step into a sprawling, 40,000-square-foot realm for shadowboxing, muay Thai and jujitsu, all brought to you by the same trainers who prepare real UFC fighters for the ring—er, Octagon.

Oh, and about that Octagon. They have one. It’s 32 feet wide and canvas-y. Which means you should feel free to enter it at 3am for a little early-morning sparring with an amateur Ultimate Fighter.

Or just pass by it on your way to spin class.


19800 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA, 90503


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