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Designer Burgers in Lincoln Park

Once again, your weekend barbecue proved you're one hell of a host. But it also confirmed something even more important: No one builds a burger like you.

That's why we'd like to introduce you to The Counter, a design-your-own-burger concept allowing you to express your culinary point of view when you can't man the grill. It opens next Monday in Lincoln Park—but for you, a little earlier (more on that later).

The party starts when a server hands you a clipboard to customize your burger. First, select your patty of choice (beef, poultry, veggie), then choose from ten cheeses (herb goat cheese, horseradish cheddar), four toppings (fried pickles, eggs, chiles) and 18 sauces (buttermilk ranch, peanut sauce, apricot glaze). Then prepare to savor the burger only you could make.

Beyond the plethora of choices, the Counter also brings California Mod to Clark and Diversey, forever burying Johnny Rockets-style retro. So grab an aluminum chair near the retractable garage door, or take a seat at the counter to be closer to the full bar.

And since you'll be facing so many thousands of burger combinations (312,000, to be exact), we figured you could use a head start. The Counter is holding a preview on Friday night, and we've reserved a few tables from 8-9pm. Just tell them you're with us.

We'd hate for you to miss your own party.


The Counter
666 W. Diversey Pkwy
(between Clark and Orchard)
Chicago, IL, 60614

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