The Chesterfield

Chapter 11

Cocktails and Short Ribs in Downtown

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Tough Monday so far.

The Cowboys: choked.

Boardwalk Empire: in the books.

The Mavs: acquired a Kardashian.

So let us bring you the only thing that could possibly be of comfort right now: a bar with an encyclopedia’s worth of booze.

Introducing The Chesterfield, a very serious new cocktail den in Downtown, now open for your power-imbibing needs.

If Nucky Thompson were hosting a holiday soiree in Dallas, he’d do it here. (And, we hope, bring Paz.) The walls (made with bricks salvaged from the Great Chicago Fire), the floors (made with wood from an 1870 Carolina farm home) and the massive chandeliers all give the bootlegging-in-Atlantic-City vibe your Old Fashioneds require.

Inside, you’ll be welcomed by Lucky, the old Bolsa barkeep and the author behind the biggest damn cocktail menu Dallas. It’s 11 glorious chapters on the good stuff—leather-bound, naturally—inspired by Jerry Thomas’s The Bartenders’ Guide from 1862. (It’s basically the Torah of booze.) As you peruse the chapters on juleps and fizzes, start with the egg-white-and-tequila-soaked Main St. Sour.

If you want a more intimate spot to discuss annual bonuses (or the logistics of bootlegging), take shelter in the back booth. Grab a plate of braised short ribs and a round of Surly Barmen.

We’re pretty sure that’s a drink.


The Chesterfield
1404 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75202


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