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A Mexican Biosphere on the Pacific

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It’s time for you to get back to nature.

Of course, by “it’s time,” we mean now. And by “nature,” we mean spacious, white-walled villas nestled in a forest on the Mexican coast.

… And by “personal chef,” we mean—sorry, we’re not there yet.

We’re at Cuixmala, a lavish, 25,000-acre coastal resort and biosphere on the Mexican Pacific, awaiting your admiring gaze now.

First: no, not the thing Pauly Shore lived in in that movie.

Now, a little primer on the place: it was originally the private estate of an Anglo-French billionaire. Who was also a knight. Now it’s a series of villas and casitas and a mansion, all of which have earned the words “ocean view.” Oh, and it’s also a nature preserve where they protect endangered animals like jaguars and pumas.

You’ll praise the Aztec sun gods on any of the estate’s three beaches, one of which you can have entirely to yourself for all your fishing, snorkeling and horseback-riding purposes (they’ve got puma-proof stables). In the villas, you’ll have a personal chef (who might have some ideas for your catch of the day). The casitas: coconut plantation adjacent.

Just pack your jaguar mace and you’re set.

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