Relax, Man

Stilettos and Shiatsu in Coral Gables

UrbanDaddy - Monsieur We know you still bristle a bit at the word "paraffin."

And that's probably a good thing. Don't lose that.

But let's face it, occasionally you need spa-level pampering. And now that you've got a three-day weekend in your crosshairs, this is one of those occasions.

Introducing Monsieur, a new spa that's strong enough for a man, and smooth enough for a gentleman.

Stroll into this Coral Gables spot and you'll find a pad outfitted with some of your favorite calming devices: beige limestone, Barcelona chairs and enough flat-screens to satisfy all your cable addictions. Hop into a black leather barber station if you need a fresh shave or a haircut, then pass through the sliding glass doors to reach one of the massage and facial rooms, clad in Asian art and soothing water fountains. (Trust us, you deserve this.)

Your kinks loosened and your pores cleansed, you'll want to skip the airbrush tanning booth and climb the mahogany staircase to the upstairs lounge. After choosing your refreshment (espresso, wine or whiskey), lean back in a Versailles-style reclining bed and prepare for your Monsieur Foot. All this involves is a comely aesthetician in high heels administering a pedicure, followed by a nice calf massage. (And you sipping.)

There's also a cigar lounge for your Sabor Havana stogie enjoyment, and the upstairs lounge has plenty of wifi for your laptop.

You know, in case you ever want to "work from home."


3143 Ponce De Leon Blvd
(at Santander)
Coral Gables
Coral Gables, FL, 33134

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