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There’s not much you don’t already know about M Burger.

You’ve occasionally wedged yourself into one of its minuscule locations for one of everything: a burger, some fries, a shake, a chicken sandwich and, of course, a Nurse Betty. One time, you even almost ordered a salad.

So we present the (dare we say) supersized M Burger Water Tower, which as of today serves as your new refuge when holiday shopping crowds reach insanity levels.

In other words, they have beer. And hot fudge sundaes. Nothing brings you to your happy place like ice cream with a back of Goose Island Green Line.

This is your escape plan for tomorrow’s Lights Festival—or this afternoon’s Expense Report Filing Festival. Just head to the mezzanine level, where, between Foodlife and FOODease, you’ll find an oak-paneled and subway-tiled corner offering plenty of seating and the aroma of beef mingling with pumpkin pie milkshakes.

But as we said, you already have a good grasp on the menu: Midwestern beef, Wisconsin cheddar, German gherkins (only the best gherkins for you). But now there’s a whole ice cream counter. You’ll order a hot caramel sundae or a cone dipped in flavors like fudge, peanut butter or butterscotch.

Or again: one of everything.

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