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None You’ve got your memories from the now-defunct ESPN Zone. A Super Bowl here, a four-team parlay on March Madness there. But mostly epic battles over bar stools with buses of tourists, at least one of whom would inevitably yell “Roll Tide!”

Well, it’s time to reclaim the Zone—literally. As in, take its stuff home with you. Because by order of their landlord, The ESPN Zone Auction is now live, hawking everything from Pop-a-Shot games to 50-inch plasmas to beer taps. Herewith, our five favorite items from a sports graveyard.

Industrial-Size Nacho Cheese Dispenser
Lot #: 11622
Current Bid: $27.86
Useful For: The sudden, devastating application of warm, cheese-like substances. You know Chris Berman’s got one.

Electronic Score Tickers
Lot #: 16726
Current Bid: $301
Useful For: Scrolling your desired message over two 89-inch LED displays. Marriage proposals, for instance.

Lot of 19 Studio Lights
Lot #: 16748
Current Bid: A steal at $24.70
Useful For: Broadcasting your own highly produced halftime show from the confines of your kitchen. Liberal uses of the word “booyah”: optional.

Countdown Arcade Game, Redskins Version
Lot #: 19831
Current Bid: $400
Useful For: Turning your entire basement into an arcade game where you’re the quarterback (it’s 20 feet long). Also: giving John Beck a few pointers.

Giant Photo of Ron and Nancy Reagan in a Cemetery
Lot #: 19952
Current Bid: $110
Useful For: Making Rummy and Cheney feel right at home next time you invite them over. For a game of Pop-a-Shot.


The ESPN Zone Auction
555 12th St NW
Washington, DC, 20004

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