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The Future of Beer Is... These

<strong>SPONSORED LOVE</strong><br /> <br /> Beer, by itself, is pretty much perfect. Difficult to improve upon perfect. But then you discover a handful of wondrous gadgets engineered to help you reach heretofore unknown levels of refreshment. These are they. It’s a good time to be alive and in need of a cold one.<br /> <br /> <em>Sponsored by <a href= "{random}" target="_blank">Modelo Especial</a>, available now.</em>

You’re 60 Seconds from Cold Beer

You’re 60 Seconds from Cold Beer

Nothing stalls your summer activities quite like warm beer. And nothing fixes warm beer quite like the SpinChill. This portable device hooks onto a beer can and spins it rapidly through ice, making it frosty and ready to drink in about one minute. You can wait one minute.

Ultrasonic Waves, Meet Beer

Ultrasonic Waves, Meet Beer

Here’s your five-step guide to the Sonic Foamer. 

Step 1: Pour beer into glass.
Step 2: Add water to contraption.
Step 3: Place glass on said contraption and press button.
Step 4: Watch as ultrasonic waves give beer a perfect foam head with previously unattainable fragrant aromas.
Step 5: Stop watching. Sip beer. Thank science.

These Beer Pong Tables Are Nuts

These Beer Pong Tables Are Nuts

You don’t have to play beer pong on an extra-high-tech table that’s sporting built-in cup sensors, LEDs and an air-suspension system to keep unused balls hovering in wait. But you can. And therefore you should.

They Call It the Decapitator

They Call It the Decapitator

Opening beers is... not impossible. But there’s still room for improvement. Case in point: the formidably named but surprisingly friendly Decapitator, a push-button beer opener that you simply place over the bottle cap. It does all the work, and you reap the benefits. In this case: easily accessible beer.

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