It’s Big. It’s Beautiful. It’s from Detroit.

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Cue up some Motown. Pull on a Red Wings jersey. By now you may even be craving a Coney dog.

Because this is big, Detroit-centric news.

Shinola just opened its gleaming new flagship store on 14th Street a couple hours ago.

We know you know Shinola. The bikes. The watches. The Detroit-iness. You’ve probably been to their pop-up that’s been living across the street. Well, this one’s the real deal—only their third flagship store anywhere.

Take a look. In days of yore, it was a Studebaker showroom. They stripped it down to reveal the original floors, embossed walls and ceilings. They added sketches of Muhammad Ali, a green leather couch and rigs of spotlights pointing down at... well, a bunch of stuff you’ll covet for your fall adventures. Like these:

Retreating to a cabin: Leather-and-stainless-steel backpacks, wood-handled pocketknives, Duke Cannon soaps (inspired by the stuff GIs used to use) and monogrammed leather journals to record it all.

Tailgating: Handmade baseball gloves, two-tone maple bats from Dallas, suede-and-leather footballs and cast-iron skillets.

Just biking to work, dammit: Aviator sunglasses, leather-wrapped bike chains and one of their famous watches, like the Runwell with a football-leather strap.

You can’t get away from this football thing.


1631 14th St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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