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Eating BBQ on Old Bowling Lanes

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That was a tough loss yesterday.

You have a broken heart that needs something special to mend it.

We’re thinking pounds and pounds of killer Texas BBQ. And moonshine.

Take your first look at Sweet Cheeks Q, your new headquarters for 100% oak-smoked BBQ and other Texas delicacies, opening this Friday down the street from Fenway.

Brought to you by Tiffani Faison of Rocca (who you also saw on Top Chef), this is the kind of place you and a crew of BBQ enthusiasts will gather, grab one of the tables made from old church doors (BBQ is a religion for you) or a communal table constructed from old bowling lanes, and get down to meat-centered business (bowling shoes not required, but not prohibited either).

Some of your meaty options: Berkshire pork belly, Great Northern brisket, St. Louis–style Berkshire pork ribs, homemade hot links, collard greens and even a smoked one-pound Pineland Delmonico steak. All served Texas-style on a long metal tray lined with butcher paper (kind of like how you serve your houseguests their cereal, only with BBQ).

And you’ll want to wash all the meat-astic wonderment down with a pint from the constantly rotating IPA, pilsner, ale and stout taps. Or just something from the (almost) all-American spirit bar (they made an exception for tequila), including Tennessee-born moonshine, flavored like apple pie.

God, what a country.


Sweet Cheeks Q
1381 Boylston St
Boston, MA, 02215


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