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Every once in a while, it hits: the urge for a nice, quiet night out.

And when that urge hits, you’ll go... anywhere but here.

Unleashing Winstons Supperclub, a big nightclub full of crazy, soft-opening tonight on the edge of Uptown and Cedar Springs.

If Andy Warhol and the White Stripes recreated Alice’s Wonderland, it would look like this: there are birdcages, a mirrored ceiling, silver tree trunk tables, blood-red chandeliers and a big glass case with a woman, er, “performing” in it. (We’ll get to that last one in a minute.)

It’s tucked away in the Centrum building—look for two red doors off Cedar Springs. (Yes, Cedar Springs—go with it.) Your play: the Warhol Table—a teal booth surrounded by a wall of champagne. Sit down, sip some bubbly and take in a view of that glass case—that’s the Voyeur Room, where a woman will be sitting on a swing or maybe putting on lipstick. If she doesn’t wave back, that’s because there’s a two-way mirror. (Do with this info what you will.)

If you need to dodge the paparazzi (again), request the Clockwork Orange room. There’s a secret entrance, a private bathroom and a huge Ouija board rug. Here, you’ll sip gin on the orange couch as a girl swings from the ceiling.

Go ahead, volunteer to push.

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