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You love Tao Las Vegas. Its beach. Its restaurant. Its nightclub. Its centeredness.

If you had to find a flaw, it would be that there's only one of it. Or at least there used to be...

Presenting Tao's younger, more Mediterranean, bathhouse-ier sibling, Lavo.

We're sure you've heard of Lavo, this marble-everywhere, Mediterranean bathhouse-inspired production from the people who brought you Tao. And now that its opening is just days away—if all goes well—we figured it was time you got a proper walkthrough.

You'll start your evenings in the lounge, where, on your way to the curved marble bar, you'll notice low chandeliers and a trove of authentic Moroccan antiquities. From here, veer off to the 110-seat hookah patio or proceed to the restaurant, where chef Ludo Lefebvre arrives from LA's Bastide to serve you shareable Spanish, French and Italian dishes and pizzas.

Your stomach happy, you'll stride across a glass-and wood-screened bridge—flanked by more than a dozen Turkish water basins—toward the second-floor nightclub. It's here where you'll let loose in Tao-like fashion, from a VIP leather banquette, at one of 30 tables or working the massive room until 5am.

If you look up, you'll also appreciate an interactive dome above the dance floor, transporting you to faraway locales via planetarium-like equipment.

Although why you'd want to be anywhere else, we're not sure.


3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Center Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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