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We’ve been thinking about your Halloween costume and, well, you’re right.

Going as Paul Giamatti in Sideways is indeed pretty genius.

In fact, start trick-or-treating right now: TR Napa Valley, which is basically a California Wine Country brochure come to life, is open in the Gold Coast.

At first glance, it’s just a cozy wine bar—and by cozy, we mean eight tables and a four-person bar. It just happens to look like a winery tasting room, grape-stained oak barrel tables and all. Well, it’s sort of that, too.

It’s basically a place you and, oh, approximately one other person (maybe three, if you’re willing to get really close) can sneak into for a glass of a big California cab after work. Pair with some really nice cheese, and you’re set. Or squeeze to the back bar to engage one of the wine educators in the finer points of Napa terroir.

Of course, if you’re looking for a simple bottle of Screaming Eagle to take to that BYOB Thai joint tonight, you can pop in here, too. Or for 50 bucks, join their wine club, entitling you to wine discounts and concierge services in Napa. They’ll help you find places to stay, wineries to visit, and even make dinner reservations.

We hear French Laundry’s nice this time of year.


TR Napa Valley
61 E Oak St
(between Rush and Michigan)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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