Censoring Your Photos, Just in Case

None You’ve got some valuable content on that phone of yours.

The numbers of no fewer than three starlets from Boardwalk Empire. The all-time Angry Birds high score. And, of course, those photos.

You know the ones.

It’d be a shame if those got out without some... alterations.

So take a tastefully enhanced look at ’Obscura, an app that lets you censor the naughty bits in your risqué photos, available now for your iPhone.

This is the answer to the all-important problem of NSFW photo leaks, courtesy of the Belgian lingerie industry (the authority on so many things). They’re encouraging you to post what your mama gave you (or what any companions’ mamas gave them), just with a blurry box or maybe a tongue-in-cheek star graphic over it.

You’ll use this when you’ve had one of those nights that involves you, Blake and Leighton, a minimal amount of clothing and a camera (stuff you can’t not share with the world).

Using the app is pretty painless. You open it and either take a picture right then and there or pull one up from your camera roll. Then, you can add graphic star pasties, the black censor box (classic) and either large or small blurry mosaics wherever they’re needed. Then you’ll send the photos directly to your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr pages.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to think twice first.

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