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Big Star’s Taco Truck, by the Numbers

None Big Star did it. It went rogue. It delivered hot tacos from an unlicensed food truck on a dark street in the West Loop. For dessert: handbills urging you to call your alderman and protest food truck restrictions. Since we don’t take sides in such weighty matters, here’s our objective report on Consuelo, the Big Star Food Truck, strictly by the numbers.

Time food truck was scheduled to debut at the MCA: 6:30pm
Time @PaulKahan announced the location had changed: 6:21pm
Time it took us to get to the new location at Fulton and Wood: 13 minutes
Amount we paid for the taxi: $15
Amount we paid for the tacos: $0
Number of people standing in line at 6:43pm: 12
Percentage of people who looked like they came from the “We Are the 99 Percent” rally: 25
Percentage who looked like they may have put up that “We Are the 1 Percent” sign: 25
Number of people pepper-sprayed with salsa: 0
Varieties of tacos available: 2
Percentage of tacos containing pork belly: 50
Number of Chicago aldermen listed on handbill with contact information: 50
Number of aldermen in attendance: 0
Number whose votes might be swayed by a good taco: figures not available at this time

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