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Renting Out an Entire Yacht Club

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You’ve been known to rent out entire hotels on a whim. (Those whims are occasionally inspired by people named Svetlana.)

And you’ve never had a problem commandeering a private yacht.

But never have the twain met... until now.

That’s right. You can now rent out the entire MSC Yacht Club, a mini-hotel housed within a larger ship, available now for your private gathering needs.

Think of this as an extremely buoyant team-building exercise. You’ll book it—a 71-room ship-within-a-ship—for seven glorious days the next time you want to hold a company-wide getaway or spend some quality nautical time with 140 of your closest friends. (We see a Thanksgiving at sea in your future.)

So you and your party will get your own pool with two hot tubs, a meeting lounge outfitted with gratis drinks and food, a fancy restaurant and 24-hour butler service—while also being able to access the amenities of the rest of the ship, should you choose to mingle with the common folk.

Your PowerPoints deserve a wider audience.

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