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Pork-Friendly Brunching in Lincoln Park

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Clark and Diversey. An area that’s not lacking in things you like to eat.

Pizza. Burgers. Wings. Crepes. Sushi. Foie gras pop-tarts.

Oh, wait. Maybe you haven’t heard: the long, painful foie gras pop-tart drought is about to end.

Presenting 2 Sparrows, your new home for reconnecting with the benefits of a good breakfast, a solid lunch and a booze-soaked brunch, opening Monday.

What you have here is your basic city diner. That looks like a remote shack in the deep forest. And happens to be helmed by two Charlie Trotter’s vets. (In case you’ve been wondering what that experience would be like.)

If you pick up on a certain whiff of self-reliance here, it’s coming from those biscuits with lamb sausage gravy (both made here). Or from the pickled veggies in your Bloody Mary (pickled here). Or the corned beef on rye (corned here). Or the fresh-ground burger with ketchup (... yes, they even made the ketchup).

You’ll swing in from time to time in the middle of the week. Perch yourself at the bar for a coffee with a maple-glazed donut studded with bacon chunks—or that pop-tart stuffed with foie gras mousse and cherry compote.

Honestly, however, you’ll get the most satisfaction here on bright Sunday afternoons, devouring pork belly sandwiches, slurping ramen noodles and polishing off a few Dark and Stormys.

Your Bloody deserves a Sunday off.

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