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The Oxford Companion to Beer, by the Numbers

None Today’s the first day of your Oktoberfest-free existence. In such trying times, it helps to have a companion: beer. Also: The Oxford Companion to Beer, an actual encyclopedia of all things (seriously, all things) beer. But because 900 pages is a bit much, we’re giving you a sampling, broken down by the numbers.

Pounds of knowledge here: 3.8 pounds
Weight of average human brain: 3 pounds
“Beer experts” consulted for this book: 166
Percentage of readers who’ll Google “Beer Expert Jobs” after this: 99%
Beer-related entries in book: more than 1,100
Beer styles described in mouthwatering detail: 107
Pages devoted to nonalcoholic beer: less than 2
Page on which you’ll find out that alcohol consumption increased during Prohibition: 669
Countries with categories of music entirely dedicated to drinking songs: 2
US national anthems with melodies stolen from English drinking songs: 1
Sentences reading, “The history of beer, quite literally, is the history of human civilization”: 1
Sentences that tell you elephants, monkeys and bats love alcohol: 1
Beer museums in the world: 34
Vacation days you have left: hopefully about 34
Days you have to memorize all this before next Oktoberfest: 354


The Oxford Companion to Beer

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